Advantages of steel tube aluminum finned radiator


The steel tube aluminum fin type convection radiator ha […]

The steel tube aluminum fin type convection radiator has been newly developed in recent years. It combines the mechanisms of metal material conduction, radiation and convection, fully exploits the heat dissipation function of the radiator, and represents the latest achievements in scientific and technological progress. The heat sink adopts new technology and new technology to better solve the problem of tube connection and anti-corrosion inside the tube. The convection heat dissipation can avoid burns and make the indoor temperature uniform and no cold angle.

As some industry insiders have said: Radiant radiators bring sunshine-like warmth; convection radiators bring people a true spring-like warmth. Moreover, the convection radiator metal has high heat strength and large pressure, and is especially suitable for heat metering and high-rise buildings. At the same time, the decorative function has been added, and there has been a big breakthrough in taste and decoration. It can be said that it is a qualitative leap in the scientific and technological progress in the field of radiators.

The steel tube aluminum fin type convection heat sink fundamentally solves the anti-corrosion problem, and has high pressure bearing, strong decoration, light weight and moderate price. It adapts to the trend of international radiators to adjust the room temperature more precisely, so that people can enjoy the right life created by scientific and technological progress. It is the first choice for metering heating and single-family heating.