How much do you know about the new application of foil bags


Aluminum foil bags have the advantages of high barrier […]

Aluminum foil bags have the advantages of high barrier properties, light weight, anti-UV, long-term shelf life, and the use of aluminum foil in various packaging fields. At the same time, packaging of different products has also placed new demands on aluminum foil packaging.

For example, some products require UV protection, and some special gases are required to enter the package. Selective permeable membranes are a new technology that needs to be developed. Some foreign companies have developed new aluminum foil packaging technologies that selectively pass through aluminum foil packaging, antifreeze packaging, and anti-condensation packaging.

Aluminum foil packaging bags have developed rapidly in the fields of food, beverage, dairy products, medicine, and electronic products, and have become an important part of the packaging field.Recently, some new features in the aluminum foil packaging market are worthy of attention.

A variety of novelty packaging is emerging. Due to the unique characteristics of easy folding and other properties of aluminum foil; good adhesion and heat sealing; excellent surface printing performance and decorative effect, richer shape packaging design has become a new feature of aluminum foil packaging applications. In the case of chocolate packaging, our common chocolate packages are square, strip, round, diamond, oval, heart, and so on.

In foreign countries, manufacturers have fully utilized their imagination to design chocolates into the shape of Santa Claus, historical figures, various cute animals, cartoons, and decorated with corresponding pattern colors. There are many similar designs, such as the shape of gold coins, decorated with golden decorations, as well as various shapes, such as football, cars, toys and so on. The rich shape of chocolate packaging is unimaginable without the foil packaging.