How should the foil be stored


In the later management of Bare Aluminum foil, storage […]

In the later management of Bare Aluminum foil, storage is an important step. In order to further ensure the quality of the adhesive tape, manufacturers will adopt various protection measures to further properly store the final industrial products. Avoid products from further environmental damage, affect the value level, and reduce the reputation of manufacturers. So, how should the adhesive paper be stored more properly?

First of all, the most basic point is to avoid direct sunlight and not be able to get rain. In the storage space, the adhesive tape should be avoided from contact with organic solutions such as sulfates.

The surface of the adhesive tape must be kept clean and dry. At the same time, the storage temperature must be controlled, approximately between -15 ° C ~ 40 ° C. At the same time, it should be noted that the adhesive tape must be stored in one roll and one roll, and it cannot be folded; if the product is stored for too long, it must be flipped once every time to avoid the product from rot in the storage position.

In addition, attention should be paid to classification during storage. Because 3M adhesive tapes of different materials have different surface properties and physicochemical properties, they cannot all be stacked together. It should be reasonably stored according to the model and material of the product.

Classified storage can also improve the efficiency of management. When you need to use the product, you can directly check the number, and do not need to flip it over and avoid scratching the surface of the product.Although there are not many technical problems in the storage of 3M adhesive tape, if the details are not well grasped, there will also be damage to the finished product during storage.