How to identify the quality of aluminum foil products


With the increasing degree of environmental pollution, […]

With the increasing degree of environmental pollution, many environmentally friendly products have been produced. For example: aluminum foil, as aluminum foil products slowly enter the homes of ordinary people, how do we distinguish between the quality of aluminum foil products? Most manufacturers now cut corners. The general distinction between aluminum foil bags is judged by the quality of the print, the uniformity of the appearance, the material used in the bag, and the firmness of the bag:

1. The material used in the bag: You can smell it first when you buy it. The first is that it does not meet the hygiene standards, and the second is that it may affect the normal use of the bag. On the other hand, if there is no odor, you can check the transparency of the bag, whether the clarity is uniform, whether there is a sense of impurities, and so on.

2. The firmness of the bag: The firmness of the bag is mainly divided into two types that are consistent with firmness and hot air fastness. Wuxi aluminum foil bag bags have different levels of firmness due to different materials. The main method of differentiation is to rip the edge of the bag by hand.

3. The uniformity of the appearance: first observe the stiffness of the bag. Generally, the higher the flatness, the better, except for the different materials. For example, the bag made of nylon and high-pressure film composite will have a wave shape in the heat seal of the bag. It is also necessary to observe whether the cut edge of the bag is neat and tidy. The better.

4. Printing quality: It is necessary to look at the printing quality of the bag. The higher the realistic level of the physical map, the better. If there is any, the printing requirements are not standard, see if there are any problems such as drawing, fogging, blocking, and printing. Many people are worried about the quality of aluminum foil bags when they buy.