How to maintain aluminum products


Aluminum products that are bought at home often rust fo […]

Aluminum products that are bought at home often rust for a while and will see residue on the surface. Below, Jiahua Aluminum tells you how to maintain aluminum products:

(1) Do not store long-term storage of sauce, vinegar, salt and other acids and alkalines in aluminum products, because acid, alkali and salt have corrosive effects on aluminum. Don't leave leftovers in it for a long time.

(2) Do not stick the bottom of the pot to the red coal when cooking. When the aluminum pan is not water, it can't be dried, otherwise the bottom of the pot will be uneven.

(3) The newly purchased aluminum pan, the first time you use it, it is best to porridge first, do not boil water and steamed steamed bread first, because the iron and salt in aluminum and water will react in a series of chemical reactions, so that the aluminum pan is wet. Part of it turns black. Although it is not harmful, it affects the appearance.

(4) If not used for a long time, apply a layer of cooking oil on the outside of the aluminum product (isolated from the air to prevent corrosion), and then put it in a relatively dry place.

How to wipe the dirt in the aluminum pan?

(1) With a dirty aluminum pan, use a cloth or cotton dipped in a paste-like decontamination powder (pour the decontamination powder into a paste, add soapy water for smoothness), rub it back and forth on the aluminum pan. .

(2) When the rice is cooked or cooked, the aluminum pan is hot. Use an old newspaper or a damp cloth to wipe the surface to make the aluminum pan clean and bright.