How to properly handle the bonding process of 3M adhesive tape


A variety of 3M adhesive tapes, whether in industrial l […]

A variety of 3M adhesive tapes, whether in industrial life or people's daily life, will have corresponding fields of use. Then, in the usual production management, this is technically rich in how to exert the adhesiveness of the adhesive tape. In the end, what kind of method can be used to further improve the adhesion of adhesive tape?

Before using 3M adhesive tape, the first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the surface of the product to be pasted, and there is no dust or smudge on the surface of the product, so as not to affect the adhesion effect. It is best to use some organic liquids and water for mixed cleaning, which is more clean.

At the same time, when sticking Aluminium foil tape, remember to apply a certain pressure to the surface of the adhesive tape with a roller-shaped object. The purpose of this process is to smooth the smoothness of the adhesive surface of the adhesive tape, and at the same time promote the effective bonding of the adhesive tape and the surface of the product. Then tear off the release paper on the adhesive tape, and then stick the required material, remember not to forget to apply the corresponding pressure on the adhesive paper surface. If bubbles are found, the pressure must be increased until the surface of the adhesive sheet is flat.

On the other hand, there are some details to be aware of when sticking 3M adhesive tape. For example, the temperature factor is relatively easy to be ignored by the technician. When pasting, the ambient temperature should be controlled between 15 and 38 °C, and the ambient temperature should not be too low, so as not to affect the adhesion effect. Moreover, it is not possible to bond both sides at the same time when pasting, and it is necessary to paste one side and then the other end to reduce the frequency of occurrence of bubbles.