Introduction and question of aluminum fin


What is aluminum fins? In simple terms, it refers to an […]

What is aluminum fins? In simple terms, it refers to an aluminum foil that is attached to the surface of the heat dissipating device and obtained by expansion or welding. Its main role is to exchange the temperature to get the expected effect. Therefore, it is widely used and can be used in devices such as evaporators. As for the aluminum fins in the air cooler, in the processing process, it is usually a fin forming process.
In air conditioner outdoor units, aluminum fins are an important component. If it is deformed, then whether it will affect it depends on the specific situation and extent. If it's just a bend, it doesn't matter, it won't affect the cooling effect. However, if it is broken, or the diameter of the pipe is made smaller, it will affect the flow rate, thus affecting the cooling effect.
The aluminum fins in the evaporator may be Al1060 or rust-proof aluminum 5754 in the material. However, although the latter has good performance, the price is relatively high, so the use is not much, mainly the former. The aluminum fins in the air-conditioned indoor hang-up can be cleaned if there is dust or dirt on it.