Introduction to the surface treatment of aluminum panels(2)


(3) Electrostatic spraying after chemical conversion tr […]

(3) Electrostatic spraying after chemical conversion treatment includes electrostatic powder spraying and electrostatic liquid phase spraying, and electrostatic liquid phase spraying of fluorocarbon resin has been commercialized in the United States in the 1960s. The electrostatic powder coating of thermosetting polyester coatings has been commercialized in Europe in the late 1960s and is still the dominant surface treatment in Europe. Today, single anodized aluminum doors and windows are significantly reduced in Japan and abroad, and Japan prefers electrophoretic coatings. White electrophoretic coatings have developed rapidly and are used in Europe. Electrostatic powder coating has become the preferred surface treatment method in Europe and America for its various colors, convenient control, environmental protection and excellent performance. In recent years, the electrostatic powder coating market is also rapidly expanding in China.
(4) Painting: Usually it is fluorocarbon spraying. The treatment before the aluminum plate is more important. It is necessary to carry out the passivation treatment to ensure the close combination of the paint and the aluminum plate. The typical use is that the curtain wall aluminum plate is surface treated in this way.