Mainstream aluminum sheet surface treatment process


Whether it is aluminum or aluminum alloy, a very import […]

Whether it is aluminum or aluminum alloy, a very important process is the surface treatment. Today, I will introduce the treatment process of the current mainstream aluminum plate surface.
  One: Electrophoretic painting. After such treatment, the surface of the material exhibits a smooth side and the corrosion resistance is greatly enhanced.
Two: powder electrostatic spraying. This process is characterized by enhanced corrosion resistance of aluminum sheets, and for some acid-base salts, the use of aluminum sheets is superior to oxidized colored profiles.
  Three: multi-tone surface treatment. Nowadays, in order to make the aluminum plate work better together, various color treatments have naturally appeared, so that the color of the aluminum plate can be further improved. The last one is plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramization. This is the advanced science and technology that has been used. The aluminum sheet subjected to this treatment is excellent in quality but relatively high in cost.