Steel pipe aluminum fin convection radiator (1)


The steel tube aluminum fin convection radiator meets t […]

The steel tube aluminum fin convection radiator meets the requirements of the national industrial policy and national standards. The overall structural design of the product is advanced, the appearance is decorative, the manufacturing process is reliable, the thermal performance is good, and the metal consumption is small, which is the cost of the domestic similar products. The hot price is closest to cast iron, so it has a strong market competitiveness.
Said that its performance is superior, the main performance is as follows:
1. Finishing, high quality, low price
Advanced manufacturing technology to ensure product quality: The product has good processability from parts to parts, complete equipment and process production system, material utilization rate is more than 95%, quality is reliable, easy to adopt new technology, and product quality is reliable. Guarantee. It is the most technologically sustainable product.
It is most suitable for large-scale production. The higher the output, the lower the cost. It can basically get rid of the situation that other types of radiators and small enterprises compete with large enterprises.
Low price and low initial investment: The overall structure design of the product is advanced, the appearance is decorative, the manufacturing process is reliable, and the thermal performance is good. It is the closest cost to the cast iron in the domestic similar products, so it has strong market competitiveness. .

2. Good thermal performance, high efficiency, light weight, energy saving, material saving
Material guarantee: steel and aluminum are all materials with excellent heat transfer performance. The heat sink made of them has high heat dissipation efficiency, large heat dissipation and high metal heat strength.
Process guarantee: high-precision rolling aluminum heat-dissipating fins increase the contact area between steel pipe and aluminum sheet, thereby increasing heat transfer coefficient and increasing K value. The steel tube is beneficial to realize automatic welding, and the welding and processing performance is better than that of the copper tube radiator, which is safe and reliable.
The structure of the cooling core ensures that the product design is advanced. The product's heat-dissipating movement adopts the national patented four-tube movement structure. In order to ensure the cold ventilation area of the heat sink, the layout of the heat sink is inclined according to the different widths of different products. Layered setting, so the product's thermal performance is good, the heat index is less than 1.3, has the advantages of low water temperature, high heat dissipation under low water flow, and is an ideal radiator in temperature-controlled metering heating system.
Small volume, high calorific value, convenient design and replacement, suitable for engineering promotion: under the same volume, the heating value is very large, and the length per meter can reach more than 2500W. It is easily interchangeable with vintage cast iron radiators. The factory can produce radiators of any heat according to the design and room requirements, which not only meets the design requirements, but also eliminates the trouble of Party A to increase the heat value of the radiators.