The magical effect of aluminum foil


We can smash the used aluminum foil into a small group […]

We can smash the used aluminum foil into a small group and throw it into the drain hole of the sink. The aluminum foil paper is washed by water and collides with the drainage hole to produce metal ions. The drainage hole is not easy to stick to the greasy food, and has the function of deodorization.

A small piece of aluminum foil paper will have many ridges and edges, which can be scraped like sandpaper. At this time, it can be used to scrape the skin of potatoes, burdock, ginger, etc., without worrying about cutting too much, and the details are easy to cut, becoming a safe peeler.

It can also replace the melon cloth to exclude the burning of the bottom of the pot. However, if you use a stainless steel pot at home, avoid using this method and it is easy to scratch.

Scissors that are dull at home can be easily restored to the glory by cutting them on two or three layers of aluminum foil. In the same way, it is also possible to use several overlapping aluminum foil papers to fold and then slowly cut them with a kitchen knife as a ready-made sharpening stone.